Enlarging Its Business Opportunities In The Printing Process Has To Be Found

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 Country-specific warnings relevant provisions formulated by close of paper, a number of other countries, particularly the European Union cigarette manufacturers to meet consumer demand, has also adopted the use of B0PP film packaging and increasing cigarette packaging box, affixed adhesive paste humor language and other means to reduce the negative visual impact of excessive, which is printing enterprises, do not also have some cave heavens Mody.

 In the beginning of this year's two sessions, the deputies proposed cigarette packs should be clearly marked with a "warning enlarging its" network has been published by the community's attention. In the May 31 the first 22 World No Tobacco Day, the National Tobacco Control Office issued the theme of "Picture Alerts reveal the truth, to save the life" of the "2009 China's smoking control report." Pointed out that China's current enlarging its warning to identify the warning smokers of the effect is limited, and that the warning on cigarette packs of picture is to control the tobacco epidemic is one of the most effective means. At present, the warning of the picture did not despite the implementation of the measures enlarging its Drupa, but the whole society has been widespread concern and heated debate.

 Mainland enlarging its non-compliance warning urgent need to improve the

 Recently, China Center for Disease Control and Prevention Tobacco Control Office and the International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Project conducted a research collaboration with the Ministry, by comparing with the EU enlarging its mainland China, Singapore, Canada and Hong Kong, China and other countries and regions, both text and graphics of the smoke standard found in the mainland of China enlarging its effect on the poor health warnings - cigarettes, a new version of the mainland failed to take graphical form of packaging, with only a thin line across an area of 13 to write in Chinese and English warnings.

 Of course printing market, not all brands of cigarettes in Mainland China are not printed on enlarging its alarming picture. It is understood that China exported to abroad, such as tobacco smoke and DHS on the packaging, they affixed a variety of eye-catching bad mouth, bad teeth, bad feet of terror pictures. In the past, enlarging its cautionary picture design, warning China's enlarging its design work tends to be more subtle metaphor and implied style, which is reserved style and culture of the Chinese style are not unrelated.

 Enlarging its business opportunities in the printing process has to be found

 In accordance with the international "Framework Convention on Tobacco Control," the provisions and requirements of Shanghai Guanghua, to adjust our current enlarging its design philosophy, perhaps even more than the revised enlarging its printing technology problems to be solved. Today, tobacco companies should not only conform to global tobacco control is required while keeping the plight of cost-effective, some companies have begun packaging the individual brand's research and development and experimentation.

 How to enlarging its design and form their own style and characteristics, Xu said the ink was at home and abroad of the cultural habits and preferences vary, enlarging its design is very different. China's sales of cigarettes, most of them great mountains and rivers, heritage for packaging design, with the characteristics of traditional Oriental culture. If printed on enlarging its skull, bad feet and so on indecent images, would run counter to the traditional aesthetic concepts CTP, so this change may be more difficult.

 Industry analysts also pointed out that China and abroad, enlarging its enlarging its packaging design, there are many differences, so the Chinese cigarette brands can not just copy the success of Europe and the United States the principles of packaging design, branding should be based on their own cultural assets presents its own uniqueness, This is a key factor in the success of e-commerce brands, which rely on self-confidence, personalized and unique Chinese style.

 In enlarging its printing, as China's large-scale restructuring of the tobacco business integration, enlarging its production enterprises are also faced with a daunting test of the survival and development. How to better cope with simultaneous development of the tobacco companies to provide them with more valuable services to determine the future of enlarging its manufacturing enterprises. So, to help the tobacco companies to promote a new design of enlarging its printing kore introduced to adapt to the international "Framework Convention on Tobacco Control," China's national conditions and meet the provisions of enlarging its is, after all a business point of innovation and development.

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Enlarging Its Business Opportunities In The Printing Process Has To Be Found

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This article was published on 2010/10/08