Cigar Processing And Different Types

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Cigars are mostly named according to their measurements and sizes, but these are not at all strict definitions. In the bunch pressing process, once made, the bunch of cigars go into a mould consisting of 12 to 20 chambers. When the mould is full, it goes to a press and the bunch will get dried during the pressing time. It is a vital and very necessary operation done before the process of wrapping. After 20-30 minutes being under the press, the moulds are opened. Now, the cigar makers will turn the bunch in a right angle to avoid forming prominent lines in the part where both the parts of the mould are joined. After they are kept another 20-30 minutes under the press, the bunch is ready to be wrapped.

In fact, for creating better quality cigarettes and cigars, hand made cigar makers make use of some particular tools. The bunching machine is one such device and it serves particularly to improve the construction process. A rigid frame holds on to a belt and a moving cylinder is activated with the help of a lever. It is the same principle as that of a pocket cigarette rolling machine. Once the belt is filled up in the right manner, the bunch will be rolled evenly by the rotating movement of the machine. This thwarts the fillers from being getting twisted, which happens most of the time, when the bunch is made solely by hand.

Tobacco cigars are either hand-made or machine-made. In both these cases, they can act as long fillers or short fillers. Just imagine the picture of a crisp roll of homogenized tobacco binder, some natural wrappers cut out in advance and placed on an unwoven bobbin, and a short filler dispenser. All the things mentioned above are installed on a machine which has got the capacity to produce more than 20 cigars every minute. If you have a few tobacco leaves in your hand, and if you do not have any tools or accessories, the only way to smoke your stuff is by rolling it into a cigar. Cigars of premium quality are supposed to be hand-made and fall under the category of long filler cigars. There are two ways for setting the quality tobacco leaves in a bunch. The wrong way is to stack the tobacco leaves and to roll them together into shape. This is called as the book method, and it does not provide enough room for air circulation and can demand a heavy draw.

The right method would be to fold each tobacco leaf in accordion style and to place them side by side so that air can pass through and the smoke would deliver a pleasant experience. Handmade long filler cigars contain two to six full tobacco leaves, depending on the size. Tobacco leaves are oval in shape; getting a cylindrical shape with a highly uniform compactness is not very easy. Often, wrapping that comes with something spectacular fascinates people who smoke. But, the aspect of making the bunch requires a lot more skills and expertise.

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Cigar Processing And Different Types

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This article was published on 2010/03/26